Landslip: Work to Minimise Rainfall Impact

4 June 2013

City Council staff and contractors are working around the Kingston landslide to put in temporary measures to minimise the effects of heavy rain expected with a southerly change later today.

Kingston landslide.

A 20-tonne digger was to be trucked to the foot of the landslide by early this afternoon. It will be used to dig channels if heavy rain starts to pond water behind the toe of the slip.

Portable pumps have also been brought to the streets at the top of the landslide. The City Council’s Networks Manager, Stavros Michael, says the intention is to divert as much stormwater as possible away from the top of the slip.

A stormwater main that drained the Priscilla Crescent area was destroyed by the landslide on Saturday morning. Mr Michael says staff from the Council’s drainage agency – Capacity Water Services – have already worked to install a temporary extension to the stormwater main to carry as much water as possible away from the top of the slip.

“Our intention is to keep as much stormwater as possible away from the slip.”

Mr Michael says the situation regarding the eight evacuated houses at the top of the slip has not changed markedly overnight. “We will make a call as to whether residents can go back to some of the houses later this week.

“We will have engineers keeping a close watch on the slip and surrounding ground. We want to know if there is any further movement before we make a call on the evacuated houses.”

Meanwhile City Council welfare staff, together with welfare agencies, insurance companies and other organisations, are working today with the 35 residents left homeless after the landslip to offer as much help as possible.

Security guards continue to keep a watch on the unoccupied houses.