Going Digital - 100 Days to Go

17 June 2013

Time is fast running out for people who are still to go digital. This Friday 21 June marks 100 days until television in the region goes digital. After 29 September everyone who wants to watch TV will need to have Freeview, Sky, Igloo or Vodafone TV (Wellington only).

Council tenants watching TV.

Going Digital representatives are out and about in the Capital talking with people and discussing what needs to be done to make sure everyone can keep watching TV.

We’re doing our bit by helping out tenants in our housing complexes with the digital switchover. Our upgraded buildings are already equipped with communal aerials, we’re installing and paying for aerials and cable connections in complexes higher than two storeys, and providing all tenants with the information and guidance they need to switch to digital TV.

You don’t need a new TV to go digital but everyone will need a TV with Freeview built in or the right set-top box together with a UHF aerial or satellite dish.

Talk to a Going Digital representative at the Central Library on Thursday 27 June, 12 noon - 2pm, phone 0800 838 800 for more information or go to:

Going Digital