Lizard Survey Excites Wellingtonians

14 May 2013

Wellingtonians are great lizard detectives. Between February and April, 145 sightings of various species of geckos and skinks were reported to a team surveying the city’s lizard population for the Council.

Green gecko.

Green gecko


People have found them in their bathrooms, in kitchen cupboards, in the garden – not to mention the ones the cats have dragged in. Given the speed these lizards can move, not everyone has been quick enough to take a photograph for easy identification. But Dr Sabine Melzer of EcoGecko says it’s a great result.

“We were able to identify around 67 percent of reported geckos down to species-level and 48 percent of skinks,” she says.

She says some people are very excited about the survey and have spotted five different species of geckos and five kinds of skinks – including Wellington’s elusive green gecko. The sightings have been made throughout the city.

Sabine says one mother reported that her nine-year-old son, who saw a green gecko, said “it was the best thing he had ever seen”.

“We’re running the survey until March 2014, so there’s still plenty of time to report sightings or get photos.”

She says people can record sightings by filling out an online form on the EcoGecko website with whatever details they have.

EcoGecko Consultants

They can also pinpoint the exact location on a map. Photographs can also be submitted online.