Help Keep Our Drains Clear

28 May 2013

Autumn may be drawing to a close but the most visible signs of the season – colourful autumn leaves – are still falling, adding to pressure on our drainage network.


Falling autumn leaves can cause trouble with the city’s drainage network

You can do your bit to help us keep the city’s drains clear by removing leaves - and other rubbish - from your gutters and roadside drains. Parking too close to the kerb can also inhibit water flow.

Our staff maintain the city’s drainage network - there are about 12,000 roadside drains in Wellington City. City Networks Manager Stavros Michael says fallen leaves can cause serious problems.

“This is a friendly reminder to residents to keep an eye on roadside drains. Blocked drains can cause flooding - so it’s worth checking they’re not covered by leaves or debris.”

However, he says to keep safety in mind. If there’s a lot of traffic near your drains or it seems otherwise hazardous to clear them, it’s best to instead call us on 499 4444 and we’ll send someone out to fix the problem.