Cyclists Encouraged to Brighten Up

14 May 2013

With winter nearly upon us, and darkness setting in early, many cyclists are putting themselves at risk by riding without lights or reflective gear.


Ride with lights and reflective gear to stay safe


The Council’s Sustainable Transport Coordinator, Emma Hope, says as well as breaking the law, cyclists who ride in the dark without front and rear lights are far more likely to be hit by other traffic.

“To be safe, you’ve got to be seen. Even during the day, if it’s gloomy, cyclists should wear reflective gear and switch on their lights. It’s also important to check your lights’ batteries regularly and make sure they can be seen from at least 100m away.”

Over the next few weeks, Council staff and Police will be out talking to cyclists as part of our annual safety campaign. If you’re not visible enough, we’ll stop you and give you temporary lights that will allow you to get home safely. But to keep cycling after dark in future, you must have proper lights and reflective gear.

Greater Wellington recently tested a wide range of bike lights under $100 - to check out their findings, go to:

Be Safe Be Seen - Wellington Regional Council