Arborists Practise Tree-top Rescues

7 May 2013

Around 30 arborists will be practising tree-top rescues in Upper Hutt’s Maidstone Park on Friday (10 May) alongside Fire Service officers.

Wellington City Council is running the day-long safety training event for contractors and staff across the region. In the course of their work, these tree workers can be at risk of chainsaw wounds, crush injuries, suspension trauma and being swung into trees.

“The main focus of the day will be aerial rescue. We want it to be a chance for people to learn something, get to know each and share ideas,” says Wellington City Aboriculture Manager David Spencer. “There will be theory sessions and practical simulations.

“Fire Service representatives will be coming along to talk about how they do tree rescues and other ‘high-angle’ rescues – that’s basically rescue from cliffs, buildings, trees and anything else at height.  

They will also take part in practice rescues,” he says.

“Any emergency situation is a high-stress environment – and minutes can mean the difference between life and death.”

David Spencer says injuries and rescues are very rare, but it’s important that arborists keep it that way and remind themselves how to stay safe in trees.