Have Your Say on Our Regional Governance

23 April 2013

We want you to tell us how you would like Wellington’s local government to look in the future.

Aerial view of the Wellington region.

You have a few weeks left to have your say on how our region is governed on a local level.


This is an important question - it’ll impact how our city and region is run in the future.

Our existing local government structure was put in place in 1989. There are eight city or district councils and a regional council across the region.

So far, we have achieved great things - we have a vibrant, world-class capital city, excellent transport infrastructure, and we share our skills and expertise with each other.

Times are changing though, and our region of about half a million people has different needs today.

The way local government is set up in the region reflects our various broader communities: Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Porirua, Kapiti Coast and the Wairarapa.

All councils work hard for their areas and have achieved a lot over the past 20 or so years.

But we could do better. We are working to improve our services, how much they cost and what our cities, communities and neighbourhoods look like.

There may be other ways of organising local government in our region. We believe there are three main options to consider: the status quo, and two other options contained in the report drawn up by a working party comprised of Wellington City, Porirua City, Kapiti Coast District and Greater Wellington Regional Council.

The working party arrived at the other two options. One is to have one council governing the region, another is to have a governing council and local boards. The Wairarapa can be in or out of any regional Council.

There are benefits to the working party’s two options, and there are benefits in the status quo – and we want to know what you think might be best for our region.

We want to know:

  • Do you want to change how Wellington’s local government is set up?
  • If the status quo were changed, what changes would you want?

The deadline for feedback is 5pm, Friday 3 May.