Free Advice on Home Heating

30 April 2013

Do you live in a draughty house? Stopping draughts around windows and doors is one of the low-cost things you can do to help warm up your home this winter and save on power bills.

A Wellingtonian checks her underfloor insulation.

Book a free home assessment and reduce your energy costs this winter


To find out more, book a free home assessment under our home energy saver programme.

You’ll get impartial, comprehensive advice from our service provider, Home&dry, and simple tips on heating, insulation, curtains, lighting, and water use.

You’ll also get a detailed action plan suited to your needs and budget.

The assessor will also bring easy-to-install products – such as draught stoppers, low-flow shower heads and hot water pipe lagging – and install these on the spot if you want. The Council will pay 50 percent of the cost of these products up to a total of $115.

The home energy saver programme is part of our long-term goal for Wellington to become an eco-city. We want Wellingtonians to be living in warm, dry, healthy homes with affordable energy bills. Collectively, this will help to reduce the city’s carbon footprint.

For more information or to book an assessment, go to:

Home Energy Saver Programme