Alcohol in Our City - Next Steps

30 April 2013

We recently asked you to share your views on the role of alcohol in our city – how we should balance the benefits with efforts to reduce alcohol-related harm, while ensuring Wellington continues as a vibrant, safe city and events destination.

Wine glass.

Our draft alcohol policy is being developed now, and we’ll be seeking feedback in July

The public consultation, which closed on 19 April, will go towards developing a local alcohol policy for the Capital that will focus on the sale and availability of alcohol, and a strategy that will take a wider view on managing alcohol in the city.

We received over 250 submissions and 150 people joined the online discussion on Loomio – a local social enterprise that’s a little different. Loomio’s website provides a neutral forum for genuine discussion and problem-solving, and many people can be involved at once.

Jaime Dyhrberg, a Council Strategic Advisor, says it was the first time the Council used this new technology for consultation.

“Loomio has allowed us to engage with people in a different way from the usual consultation process, and we’ll be using it again in the next phase of consultation.”

From early July, you’ll have another chance to have your say when we consult on the draft local alcohol policy and the alcohol strategy – as well as a plan for how this will be implemented. Under the new legislation, the earliest that councils’ policies can be in place is 18 December 2013.