Walk to Work with the Mayor

5 March 2013

Next Wednesday (13 March) is Walk to Work Day - and you’re invited to join Mayor Celia Wade-Brown in an early morning commuter walk from Northland to Queens Wharf.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown and Councillor Paul Eagle on foot.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown and Councillor Paul Eagle on foot

She may live in Island Bay, but the Mayor is keen for residents in the Northland area to give the newly upgraded route a go.

Leaving the Northland shops at 7.15am, the walk will go:

  • via Kelburn village
  • past Victoria University
  • down to The Terrace
  • through the central city to Queens Wharf.

Once there, you can grab a free breakfast under the sails.

The Northland-central city walking route is the first of several we’ve upgraded for pedestrians, with better crossing points, lighting and planting. Wayfinding signs with distances and walking times are also being installed.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says Wellington is one of the most compact and walkable cities in Australasia.

“Our city is leading the way in encouraging more people to travel on foot so it’s important we provide good quality walking environments. Streets that are well maintained, are safe and provide a stimulating journey or interesting destination are more likely to attract people to walk - and walk more often.”

Also next week, look out for a ‘roving’ coffee cart at a different location each morning on routes into the city. If you’re walking, stop for a free coffee.