What are you doing for Neighbours Day?

7 March 2013

Neighbours Day Aotearoa - the national initiative to get people to know their neighbours - takes place on the weekend of 23 and 24 March, and Wellingtonians are encouraged to get behind it.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says there are many benefits to knowing your neighbours.

“It helps you feel part of your community, as well as safe and connected. A crucial reason to have these connections is to be able to help each other in times of emergency, and with a fault line running through our city, this should be standard practice for all Wellingtonians.

“Many of our households and communities are well prepared for anything. If you feel that you could be doing more in your street or apartment block, a Neighbours Day celebration is a great way to turn acquaintances into friendships. Getting to know your neighbours can be very pleasant.”

Neighbours Day Aotearoa began in 2011, and since then, more and more neighbourhoods around the country are getting involved by organising activities or celebrations for their street or apartment block.

The Council is also organising the following events to encourage neighbourly connections, in and around community facilities and shared spaces.

“We organise a summit for our own housing tenants every year to coincide with Neighbours Day, and several of our community centres have events planned,” says Mayor-Wade Brown.

Saturday 16 March: Community events include a barbecue and children’s activities for Cambridge Street residents at Tawa Community Centre.

Wednesday 20 March: A morning tea at Linden Social Centre (bring a plate).

Saturday 23 March:  A BYO picnic and other activities at Newlands Community Centre.

Sunday 24 March: A barbecue at Island Bay Community Centre.

For ideas on improving connections in your community - the information includes New Zealand Sign Language translation videos, visit:

Resources for Neighbourhoods