Cycle Stop Boxes

19 March 2013

Wellington is going green for cyclists with ‘advanced stop boxes’ appearing at more intersections around the central city.

Advance box for cyclists.

Cycle stop box


These road markings - a green square with a white cycle symbol - are designed to give cyclists a safer place to stop at the traffic lights, ahead of other vehicles.

Over the next two months, we’ll be installing 25 more advanced stop boxes to improve cycle safety at various intersections in the central city.

For motorists, the stop boxes mean that you have to stop slightly further back than usual, and be aware that cyclists may come through to the front of the queue. The message for cyclists is, if you can safely get through the traffic to a stop box when you’re riding, use it.

We’re also making it easier for cyclists to find the sensor in the road that changes the lights to green when a vehicle is waiting. Look for a white cycle symbol and diamonds painted in a line on the road, and stop your bike on the diamonds for a green light. Otherwise, look for a black ‘cut out’ square in the road, and position your bike along one of the cuts.