Tsunami Alert Reminder

12 February 2013

While a tsunami did not eventually hit our shores last Wednesday in the aftermath of the Solomon Islands earthquake, it's still a good reminder to make sure you have a plan in place for your home, together with your flatmates or family.

Grab&Go bag

You can buy a Grab&Go bag from the Council Service Centre or on our website


Whether it's an earthquake, a tsunami, or another emergency, the requirement are more-or-less the same. You must have the following items:

  • Water - a minimum of three litres per person per day, eg a family of four needs at least 36 litres
  • Food for three days - eg, long-life milk, cereal, crackers, tinned fish, tinned meat, baked beans, noodles, biscuits, muesli bars, nuts and raisins - and something for your pets
  • Essential medications
  • Radio and batteries
  • Toilet paper, plastic bags, nappies and sanitary items
  • Baby wipes (for washing)
  • Gas stove/BBQ and a lighter or matches
  • First aid kit
  • Torch and batteries
  • Candles

A good way to make sure you have a lot of the items you need is to buy a Grab&Go kit from our Service Centre on Wakefield Street or you can buy one online:

Prepare for an Emergency - Survival Items

The kit includes items such as a dynamo-powered torch and AM/FM radio with siren, multifunction knife (with a can opener), water purification tablets, some first-aid items and more. Kits cost $69.

For more information on being prepared, including tips on how to develop a household emergency plan, visit:

Wellington Region Emergency Management Office website