26 February 2013

A new smartphone app, FIXiT, gives Wellington residents, businesses and visitors another way to let us know about problems they see that need fixing around the city.

Mobile phone showing FIXIT app.

Alert us to problems using the new FIXIT app

The free app allows you to take a photo, tag the location on Google maps and leave a description of the problem. Once sent, the message is logged with our contact centre and the right staff notified. You will also receive a follow-up email.

“This simple app is a new way technology-savvy Wellingtonians can contact their Council and another example of Wellington living up to its smart city reputation,” says Mayor Celia Wade-Brown. “For example, I’ve already used it to report missing signs and a pothole in a park.” 

Wellingtonians regularly alert us to things like water leaks, street lights that aren’t working, graffiti, dumped rubbish, and damaged street signs and furniture, but this will allow you to quickly and easily send us details while you are out and about. 

Download the App:

“FIXiT will help citizens be the eyes and ears of our city,” says the Mayor. 

The new app is already being used by our new Local Hosts service to report any issues they see while out on ‘the beat’. As well as providing information to visitors and Wellingtonians, the hosts are responsible for reporting safety hazards or problems with city infrastructure. 

The application was developed by Wellington company Touchtech and we’re looking at sharing it with other local authorities around New Zealand. 

FIXiT is available via the Apple App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android). If you don’t have a smartphone, no problem – you can still contact us: