Alcohol Management Strategy

5 February 2013

When does having a few drinks and a great night out turn into drunkenness on city streets? Are there too many places in Wellington City where alcohol is available? And what role should the Council play?

Alcohol Management Strategy

We want to hear your views on the role of alcohol in Wellington


Starting today, we would like your views on the role of alcohol in Wellington.

The Government's recent alcohol reforms allow councils to develop a local alcohol policy, which looks at the number, location and conditions for places that sell alcohol.

Before we start work on a draft policy for Wellington, we're preparing a strategy which will take a wider view on managing alcohol in the city. Your views will help us develop the strategy.

Councillor Stephanie Cook, the Council's Social Portfolio Leader, says one of the important questions for the city is how the economic benefits associated with the sale and consumption of alcohol can be balanced with efforts to manage alcohol-related harm.

"Alcohol has a role in enhancing social life and is an integral part of the entertainment in our city. There's no doubt that it helps to make the central city vibrant and enjoyable but there are downsides to this. We know that people are concerned about excessive behaviour and the negative effects on individuals and families."

Another issue for the Council is what role the public thinks it should play in regulating places that sell alcohol, including at events, and as a community leader.

"We need to find a way to get the mix right so Wellington can continue to develop without impacting on city safety and quality of life."

Cr Cook says this is a timely and important discussion for the whole community.

"We're encouraging people to have honest conversations within their communities about alcohol - the good and the bad - and share their views with us."

To have your say, you can take part in a community workshop in your area, join an online discussion forum, or give us your comments on our submission form, either online or in writing.

If you'd like to attend a workshop or to join the online forum:

You'll find our submission form on the above page. You have until Friday 19 April to give us your comments.