Securing the Future of Zealandia

13 December 2012

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown has hailed today's unanimous Council agreement to secure the future of Zealandia.

Council's Strategy and Policy Committee today decided unanimously to release Zealandia's funding of $1.75 million for the next three years, as provided in the Long Term Plan 2012-2022, and consult on an additional $175,000 in the 2013/14 and 2014/15 Annual Plans.

"Zealandia is a global trailblazer for urban ecology and is a terrific example of a city's marriage with the natural environment," said Mayor Wade-Brown.

"Today's unanimous decision is a realistic approach: Zealandia is an asset for the Capital's ecology and conservation first and foremost, and a tourism attraction second."

Cr Helene Ritchie, Environment Portfolio Leader, said Zealandia was a terrific asset that deserved Council's support.

"Zealandia is world class," said Cr Ritchie. "It provides outstanding value to Wellington's native flora and fauna, which is the result of generations of hard work by committed people," said Cr Ritchie. "The chorus of birdsong in the city is testament to Zealandia's considerable worth.

"The alternative prospect of Zealandia closing, the world-first predator proof fence rusting away and the great conservation work going for nothing was appalling," she said.

Mayor Wade-Brown said the partnership agreement with Victoria University will be a significant boost to Zealandia's role.

"The partnership with Victoria University provides scientific credibility and financial viability. Council is confident that the stability provided by Victoria University will assist with attracting more funding while promoting Zealandia to the global scientific community," said Mayor Wade-Brown.