Plan Change for Curtis Street

10 December 2012

We're proposing to change the status of the land at
55 -85 Curtis Street, Karori, to allow business activities to operate there. To do this, we have to change our District Plan (the city's planning rulebook). At the moment, little can happen on the vacant site as it is listed as a mixture of 'Open Space' and 'Residential'.

The vacant site at Curtis Street

The vacant site at Curtis Street

In 2009, the owner of the site requested that the zones be changed to allow for business uses. The Council agreed to the change in zoning and not long after, plans were afoot for a large retail outlet to be built.

Earlier this year, local residents took Wellington City Council to the High Court to challenge that zoning process. The residents won, and Curtis Street's status reverted to 'Open Space' and 'Residential'.

Since then, we've been working closely with local residents and the landowner to come up with a solution for the piece of land. The notice in the public notices section of this page is a second attempt at rezoning the land to 'Business Area'.

What has changed this time round is that the proposed Plan change has been developed in conjunction with local residents and the landowner, and is more tailor-made to recognise the local surroundings. It outlines what can and can't be done on that land, should the Plan change go through.

The public notice is a summary of the proposed Plan change and what it might mean for that area. If you are interested in this matter, we strongly recommend that you read a copy of the full document.

To view the plan change, see: 

Plan Changes and Variations - Active

Alternatively you can have a copy posted out to you by phoning (04) 499 4444.

Submissions on the proposed Plan change are due by 5.00pm, Monday 11 March.