Keeping Vogelmorn Hall

3 December 2012

It's official - the proposed divestment (selling) of Vogelmorn Hall has been put on hold - at least for the next few years.

Locals doing Zumba at Vogelmorn Hall

Locals doing Zumba at Vogelmorn Hall

Wellington City Council's Community Facilities Portfolio Leader, Councillor Justin Lester, says it makes sense to keep this much-loved facility for people living nearby.

"The Council was tasked with identifying potential savings during our Long-term Plan process, but we have listened to the considerable feedback and decided this facility will stay.

"It's well-used, and while we'e looking into other factors such as the lease of land, it will remain to be used by local residents."

Vogelmorn Hall is now run by two community groups, rather than the Council, with a partnership between Vogelmorn Users Group and the Brooklyn Community Association.

While the Council still owns and maintains the building, any other queries should go to Brooklyn Community Association - email or phone (04) 384 6799.