WOW Renews Capital Vows for Nine More Years

15 October 2012

After another stunning success, the World of WearableArt and Wellington City Council have renewed their partnership.

The World of WearableArt (WOW) is pleased to announce it will be signing a nine year contract with the Capital for its WOW Awards Show, starting in 2013 on WOW's 25th anniversary.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says the World of WearableArt Awards Show is a true Wellington success story that has grown every year since 2005, from its roots in Nelson where the executive team and WOW & Classic Car Museum are based.

"WOW has been great for Wellington and the Capital is a great home for WOW," says the Mayor. "Our compact, walkable Capital sets the ideal stage for WOW. Since arriving in 2005 WOW has more than flourished - it's gone global.

"WOW makes an enormous contribution to Wellington. Over 47,000 people saw this year's show - 30,000 of whom were visitors to the Capital. Most city hotels enjoyed 95 percent occupancy and many Wellington retailers and restaurateurs reported a significant sales boost.

The economic impact on Wellington has been significant - the last economic impact study in 2009 estimated $15.1 million was pumped into the city during the show with $4.9 million of that going to the city's retailers.

In addition to the benefits for Wellington retailers and restaurants, WOW has also brought further jobs to the city.

"Over 400 people are employed each year by the production. It's truly a special event that fuels our status as the Coolest Little Capital in the World, and we're proud WOW Awards Show will call Wellington home for nine more years."

The World of WearableArt has plans to take the brand globally through exhibitions and showcases and the new nine year contract will focus on positioning Wellington globally as the home of the annual WOW Awards Show. A third of all award entries to this year's show were from overseas.

"WOW is a great brand of wearable magic that tells the Wellington story of innovation and spectacular creativity, and attracts talent to live, work and play here."

World of WearableArt founder Dame Suzie Moncrieff says that Wellington and Nelson fit perfectly as the cultural homes of WOW, and she is thrilled that Wellington City Council will continue to be WOW's strategic partner.

"It is important for WOW that Wellington is the home of the WOW Awards Show," says Dame Suzie. "Wellington has a strong base of creative talent for us to engage with, to ensure our show is world-class.

"With hundreds of WOW entries and showgoers coming from overseas every year, we are very proud of the role WOW is playing in increasing New Zealand's, and Wellington's, reputation for cultural excellence."