Walking Connections Improved

29 October 2012

Walking in Wellington City just got better.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown on the new Jervois Quay crossing

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown on the new Jervois Quay crossing

Two new signal-controlled pedestrian crossings - over Wakefield Street and Jervois Quay, near the Taranaki Street intersection - give people a direct walking route to the waterfront.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says the new crossings are a very welcome addition for pedestrians and help to make this intersection safer.

"People will no longer reach the traffic island between Wakefield Street and Jervois Quay and have to backtrack or dash across busy lanes of traffic."

The 'green man' signals for the new crossings have been incorporated into the phasing of the traffic lights at this busy intersection, with no additional delays for motorists.

Elsewhere in the city we've surveyed some walking routes to see how the streets and amenities for pedestrians can be upgraded - with better crossing points, lighting, signs and planting.

The route from the Northland shops into the CBD, via Upland Road and the Cable Car, is the first of these to be completed.

"It's one of a number of short commuter walking routes that link the central city to surrounding suburbs," says Mayor Wade-Brown. "Wellington is Australasia's most walkable city - the capital's compact and the views are stunning. Wellingtonians love to walk!"

Councillor Bryan Pepperell, whose portfolio includes Walking, says that providing good quality walking environments is an important way the Council can encourage more people to walk.

"Streets that are well maintained, are safe and provide a stimulating journey or interesting destination are more likely to attract people to walk - and walk more often."

To find out more about walking routes in Wellington, and to download a free walking app, go to:

Journey Planner website