Parking Reminder

9 October 2012

Parking changes designed to ease pressure on parking spaces in central Wellington, and make things easier for motorists making several quick stops, will start on Monday 15 October.

Drivers will be able to use unexpired 'pay-and-display' parking time in various parts of the central city provided the vehicle is parked in zones with the same or a lower parking fee.

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The minimum amount you'll pay for parking in the central business district (CBD) will be $1. The $1 minimum will help counter the habits of a considerable number of taxi drivers, who park in CBD parking spaces and 'feed' meters - at 10 cents a time - thus denying other motorists the opportunity to park.

We're working on a change of bylaws that will make it illegal for taxi drivers to use general pay-and-display parking spaces close to existing taxi stands in a number of streets where taxis monopolise much of the parking.

Other changes being investigated are where parking fees could be reduced in areas where occupancy of car parks is relatively low, including parts of Te Aro, Kent and  Cambridge Terrace and the Hutt Road.

There's also the possibility of low evening parking fees in the entertainment areas around Courtenay Place.

These proposals will be considered by Councillors in the next few months. If approved, the new zones and fees could be introduced early next year.