Begonia House Reopens

23 October 2012

The reopening of the Begonia House in the Botanic Garden this week ticks off another earthquake proofing project.

The Gardens team are working hard to get the Begonia House plants back into their home

The Gardens team are working hard to get the Begonia House plants back into their home

Since August we've been strengthening the glasshouse and now it's ready for visitors to enjoy the begonias, orchids and tropical plants in the glasshouse again.

The building is just one of a number of Council facilities that have had strengthening work completed within a matter of weeks, so they can continue to be used by the public.

Strengthening work on Johnsonville library was completed in May. This work has improved the building's ability to support the flats above the library in an earthquake.

Work to strengthen the supporting beams in the Council offices on Wakefield Street was also undertaken last summer.

Tawa Pool has been strengthened and had its roof replaced. It will reopen in November.

All Council facilities are having seismic assessments to find out whether they need to be strengthened.

In August 2013 base isolation work begins on the Town Hall.  The work will involve replacing the existing pile foundations which are over 100 years old. The new piles will be driven deep into the ground to provide more secure foundations for the building.  Rubber bearings and sliding discs will be installed to reduce the amount of movement the building experiences in an earthquake. Base isolation is the most advanced form of earthquake strengthening and will make the building much stronger than a modern building. The Town Hall will be shut for two years while strengthening work is completed.