Tawa Pool Closure

2 July 2012

Tawa Pool will be closed for the next four to five months. The pool needs to be earthquake strengthened, and this work will take longer than we initially anticipated.

Strengthening work continues at Tawa Pool

Strengthening work continues at Tawa Pool

Our engineers and architects have been looking at the costs and practicalities of a number of options to strengthen the building. We plan to develop and install steel beams into the walls. Extra framing is also being installed in the roof.

The pool has been closed since last October for five-yearly maintenance work. The work involved replacing the roof and installing a vapour barrier and acoustic ceiling in the main pool.

The pool was built in the early 1970s. Julian Todd, Manager of Recreation Wellington, says it has been difficult to predict the nature of the work required because the original building plans were not available.

"It wasn't until we got in there and started cutting into the existing structure of the building that we could determine what needed to be done and how long it would take," says Julian.

"We apologise to Tawa residents for the delay and we appreciate their patience. It's difficult to say exactly when the pool will re-open with this kind of work but our intention is mid-November."

In the meantime, residents can use the Keith Spry Pool in Johnsonville or two pools in Porirua - the Arena Aquatic Centre and Cannons Creek.