New Pedestrian Crossings Provide a Safe Route

31 July 2012

Work has started on installing two new signal-controlled pedestrian crossings on Wakefield Street and Jervois Quay.

The new crossings will provide a safe, direct walking route to the waterfront.

From outside Mojo cafe, near the Taranaki Street corner, pedestrians will be able to cross Wakefield Street to the existing traffic island and then cross Jervois Quay. Pedestrians on the harbour side of Wakefield Street, at the corner of Jervois Quay, will cross to the traffic island on a new zebra crossing.

The 'green man' signals on the new crossings will coincide with the existing phasing of traffic lights at this busy intersection, without causing delays for drivers.

Wellington City Council's Acting CitiOperations, Roading and Traffic Manager Mike Mendonca says the new crossings will be a great addition to walking routes in the city.

"Having a direct route across Jervois Quay to the waterfront from this part of Wakefield Street is much more convenient and will improve pedestrian safety in the central city," says Mike.

There will be new shelters on both sides of Jervois Quay and a barrier fence installed around the perimeter of the traffic island, which will be made slightly larger.

In May this year, Wakefield Street was widened at the Taranaki Street lights to accommodate five northbound lanes instead of four. The new lanes will come into operation when the pedestrian crossings are completed, improving traffic flow through the intersection and giving pedestrians greater safety when they cross Taranaki Street.

These changes are part of the Council's SaferRoads project to eliminate traffic and pedestrian black spots around the city.