Further Responses to Willis Street Accident

23 July 2012

Wellington's Acting Mayor, Ian McKinnon, says Council staff met at his request this morning and have decided to extend the temporary barriers on the eastern side of Willis Street between Mercer Street and Manners Street.

Cr McKinnon says while the factors that led to Thursday's accident are still not clear, there is a concern that the works and the presence of barriers on the other side of the road may be changing the way pedestrians are making choices before they cross the street.

Cr Andy Foster, the Council's Transport Portfolio Leader, also attended this morning's meeting.

An officials' group, which includes other organisations involved in transport,  has a meeting later this week to discuss reports on pedestrian safety on the whole Golden Mile.

Cr Foster says last Thursday's accident in which pedestrian Mr Tim Brown was hit by a bus will be part of the discussion when the steering group meets to finalise research that is scheduled to be given to City Councillors in a briefing next week.

Cr McKinnon says the thoughts of the Council continue to be with Mr Brown and his family, with the hope there will be a full recovery.