New Traffic Lights at Pedestrian Crossings in Courtenay Place

5 June 2012

New traffic lights being installed at the two pedestrian crossings near Blair and Allen streets in Courtenay Place will give buses priority over other traffic and improve pedestrian safety.

The new lights will help the flow of buses through this part of Courtenay Place, particularly at peak times, and give pedestrians the added protection of crossing with the 'green man'.

As with the traffic lights already in place outside Reading Cinema, a dedicated 'B' phase will let buses go first before other vehicles get the green light. Installed about two years ago, the Reading Cinema crossing has proved successful in keeping traffic moving while also giving pedestrians a safer place to cross.

On a typical weekday, an estimated 27,000 people travel through Courtenay Place on buses, compared with 8,500 people travelling in private vehicles.

Wellington City Council's Transport Portfolio Leader, Councillor Andy Foster, says the traffic lights near Blair and Allen streets will complete the bus priority plan undertaken by the Council to improve public transport along the Golden Mile route.

"This is about ensuring a more reliable and efficient public transport system", says Cr Foster.

"Bus priority measures such as these give buses an easier run through the city, and help to encourage more people to use public transport.

"Each pedestrian on a zebra crossing can stop or slow the traffic whereas a dedicated signal crossing combined with short waiting times for pedestrians, benefits bus users, motorists and people walking through the city."

The new traffic lights are due to be completed in July.