Dog Registrations Due

11 June 2012

If you're one of over 8,000 dog owners in Wellington, now's the time to register your dog. All dogs over
3 months old must be registered by 1 July.

It's time to register your dog

It's time to register your dog

Registering your dog helps us to identify your dog if it goes missing.

If your dog has been registered before, you should have received a re-registration form in the mail. Check the form, sign it and return it to us with your payment.

If you're registering your dog or puppy for the first time, you can download a registration form from the Dogs section of this website, or visit our service centre on Wakefield Street to complete the registration in person. Dogs must be also fitted with a microchip.

Dog registration fees fund a range of services including our dog shelter at Moa Point, responding to wandering or aggressive dogs and providing training classes for dog owners.

Late registrations are charged an extra 50 percent - so it really pays to get your form in on time. If you have responsible dog owner status, it's also important to pay your registration fees by 1 July to continue to qualify for discounted fees in the future.

For more information, visit:

Dogs - Registration