Parking in the City

8 May 2012

We think our draft Long-term Plan is an ideal opportunity to take a closer look at how we manage parking in the city centre.

Have your say on proposed changes to parking zones and charges

Have your say on proposed changes to parking zones and charges

The idea is to free-up more spaces in high demand areas and encourage more parking in low-demand areas - for example, on the periphery of the central city - where fees would be cheaper.

As part of our consultation on our draft Long-term Plan, we want you to have your say on the proposed changes to parking zones and charges.

In the central city, a Lambton premium parking zone is proposed. On the central city fringe, low parking charges are being considered to encourage people to walk or cycle into the city. A Te Aro parking zone is also proposed with daytime and evening parking charges.
Within each of these zones parking charges would be based on the demand for space, with busy locations costing more and low occupancy spaces costing less. Parking charges would range from $1 to $4 per hour, with a $1 minimum fee also applying. At the moment, parking charges in the city centre vary from $1.50 to $4 per hour, with parking in most of the city centre area costing $4 per hour.
Under the new system, people would also be allowed to use any unused time on tickets at a different location within the central city, providing the hourly rate isn't more expensive than the location they paid for.
We plan to continue to offer two hours of free parking on Saturday and Sunday.

You can have your say by making a submission on our draft Long-term Plan by 18 May.

To make an online submission, see:

Draft Long Term Plan 2012-22

Alternatively you can pick up a copy of our draft Long Term Plan summary and submission form from a Council library or our Service Centre on Wakefield Street.