Keep Your Home Warm & Healthy

29 May 2012

Friday officially marks the start of winter, so it's time to look at what you can do around your home to keep it warm and dry and to keep any unwanted pests out. We've got some helpful tips and services for you.

Keep wood dry by storing it under cover

Keep wood dry by storing it under cover

If you use a wood burner, use only paper, cardboard and untreated wood as a fuel source. Treated wood can give off toxins. It's important to use dry wood - wet wood produces more smoke, which can be a nuisance to your neighbours, and cause problems to people with asthma.

If you have a problem with smoke from a neighbour's fire, try discussing it with them first. If you can't resolve it with them, phone us on (04) 499 4444.

In winter, people spend more time indoors. Rats and mice have the same idea - rubbish piles, hot-water cupboards and compost heaps are their favourite winter spots. Avoid leaving pet food outdoors. If you store rubbish outside, keep it in bins with tight-fitting lids. Seal doors and other gaps to your home which could allow rats and mice inside. If you use bait or traps, follow instructions carefully to keep your pets and children safe.

Wellington has many old homes that are not well insulated and receive little sunlight. Mildew forms where there is moisture - it often grows on shoes, clothes, wallpaper, and curtains. Make sure your home is properly ventilated - open windows or use extractor fans to remove steam after cooking, bathing or showering. Insulation and heating also helps, but gas heaters should be used sparingly as they give off moisture and will make condensation and mildew problems worse.

Book a free home assessment

Our service provider Home&dry will give you impartial advice and simple tips on heating, insulation, lighting and water use, and a detailed action plan suited to your needs.

Products such as low-flow shower heads, draught excluders, hot water cylinder wraps and lagging for hot water pipes can also be installed on-the-spot and the Council will pay up to 50 percent of the total cost, up to $115. To book your free home assessment, email or phone 0508 466 363.