Increased Costs for Services

1 May 2012

We are facing increasing costs, including fuel and electricity, to provide our services and operate public facilities.

We're consulting on charges for private use of road reserve

We're consulting on charges for private use of road reserve

We're considering increases to some user fees and charges to pass cost increases on to users and limit costs to our ratepayers. Most increases are minor. Here are some of the proposed changes.

Recycling & Waste

The majority of the fee increases proposed in this area are for landfill fees (up $5.25 per tonne) and yellow rubbish bags (up 31 cents each).


Average fee increases of 18 percent are proposed. We want to ensure that 10 percent of the costs of providing sportsfields is paid by users.

Artificial Sportsfields

We are proposing a 10 percent increase in fees for the National Hockey Stadium.

Private Use of Road Reserve Land

We're considering a fairer approach to the private use of road reserve land.

Under our existing policy, homeowners pay the same amount for road reserve land that has encroachments, or structures, for private use regardless of big differences in land values between suburbs.

We're proposing a maximum rental rate of $30 per square metre (excluding GST) and a minimum rental rate of $5 per square metre (excluding GST).

Rentals would increase by no more than $5 per square metre per year until the new rate is reached in a given suburb.

New rental rates would be introduced from 1 July 2012.

Note: the current minimum charge of $90 will still apply if the proposed fee changes do not exceed $90 (excluding GST).

Consultation closes on Friday 18 May.