Be a Safe Pedestrian

8 May 2012

Our campaign to encourage safer pedestrian behaviour takes to the streets this week.

Pedestrian safety campaign poster

Pedestrian safety campaign poster

The chicken (or rooster) that features in the campaign will be out modelling good pedestrian behaviour at various intersections in the central city at lunchtimes, and handing out flyers to fellow pedestrians.

Intersections being targeted this week are some of the 'Barnes Dance' crossings - where people can cross from all directions - on Cuba, Manners, Victoria and Willis streets, Lambton Quay, and outside the Railway Station.

The campaign is part of our Road Safety Action Plan to reduce the number of pedestrian-related incidents in Wellington City.

It's simple. Stop - look both ways - and cross safely.

Here's some other tips:

  • use a pedestrian crossing where possible - in fact, if you're within 20m of a crossing, it's illegal not to use it 
  • check that approaching vehicles have seen you and can stop before you step out 
  • cross with the green man.