Hanson Court Apartments Reopen

24 April 2012

We've hit a milestone - the official reopening of Hanson Court Apartments in Newtown takes place today.

This is part of a $400 million project shared by Wellington City Council and the Government - the largest social housing redevelopment project ever undertaken in New Zealand.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown, who will join Minister for Housing Phil Heatley to cut the ribbon, says the project is all about improving our tenants' quality of life and providing a place that they feel proud to live in.

"Our vision - Wellington Toward 2040: Smart Capital refers to a people-centred city. The project is a great example of a partnership making this a reality," says Mayor Wade-Brown.

The $13.7 million upgrade of Hanson Court included refurbishing 110 units in five buildings, a new community centre and landscaping.

The Council's Social Portfolio Leader, Councillor Stephanie Cook, is really proud the Council has held on to its social housing stock.

"I believe the measure of a community is how it cares for its most vulnerable, and we are doing a great job of this," says Cr Cook.

"This project will make an enormous difference to our tenants, many of whom suffer from multiple disadvantages, and having substandard housing magnifies these. The project is not just about bricks and mortar - the Community Action Programme develops a range of community development initiatives.

It is also an integral part of the upgrade, where tenants are involved in every step."

The work included structural repairs and improved kitchens and bathrooms, security, rubbish and recycling facilities, lighting, better ventilation, thermal and acoustic insulation, double glazing and communal facilities.

Hanson Court is situated on an old iwi cultivation site. It was named Omaroro by the Wellington Tenths Trust as a sign of respect for the land's historical significance.

Mayor Wade-Brown says recycling and reusing materials is a top priority for the housing project.

"This is a frugal and sustainable approach. We have moved two old buildings from one of our other housing sites, that we might have demolished, to form the basis of the new community space, Omaroro.

"We've reused fittings and fixtures and other good quality hardware for the upgrade. We can proudly say these are some of the most environmentally-friendly, modern units going in Wellington."

There are 140 tenants at Hanson Court - mostly made up of single units. The entire project will eventually see 4,000 tenants in warmer, drier, safer homes. For more information, see:

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