Curtis Street Decision: Mayor Responds

5 April 2012

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says an initial reading of the High Court decision on the judicial review brought by the Creswick Valley Residents' Association over the Curtis Street site could have implications for consultation under the Resource Management Act.

Justice MacKenzie has 'set aside' (rescinded) the Council's decision to rezone the 1.1 ha site from Outer Residential and Open Space B, to Suburban Centre/Business 2 because of concerns with the District Plan Change process.

The decision may have impacts for other councils, says Mayor Wade-Brown.

She adds that the Council's planning staff have started preliminary work towards a full review of the District Plan - however they have also been waiting for the High Court decision. "The review will now be strongly informed by the decision."

"Last September, in response to my concerns - shared by a number of my colleagues - about the Curtis Street case, we asked Council officers to review aspects of District Plan Change processes - with a focus on public consultation procedures.

"That review is under way. The High Court has shown that there are clearly some specific issues with District Plan Change processes. The Court decision will be helpful in terms of the conduct of the review.

"In general we are clear in our communications regarding the District Plan but this High Court decision shows we can make improvements to our processes."