Crowd Control Measures for One Direction Concert

20 April 2012

Plans are in place to assist with crowd control and the safe running of Sunday's One Direction concert in Wellington.

One Direction is playing at the St James Theatre in Wellington's Courtenay Place at 7.30pm on Sunday 22 April.

Concert organisers in conjunction with Positively Wellington Venues, the Police and Wellington City Council have developed a plan to assist ticketholders and fans.

Greater Wellington Regional Council, Go Wellington and the Council will implement some parking restrictions from 6.00am Sunday morning. The St James bus stop in Courtenay Place will be closed and about 10 parking spaces outside the theatre, including a loading zone, will reserved for emergency service vehicles. Signs and cones will indicate the areas closed.

A fenced area will be created on Courtenay Park where ticket holders can queue while waiting for the St James doors to open at 6.30pm.

The Chief Executive Officer of Wellington Venues Ltd, Glenys Coughlan, says One Direction has obviously generated a lot of excitement on their tour and the measures are necessary to ensure the event runs as smoothly and safely as possible.

Access to the theatre is for ticket holders only although there will be some seating for parents and carers in the foyer for those who wish to remain on the premises.

Fans without tickets are advised not to turn up because they are unlikely to get a glimpse of the band members.

Parents are advised to drop their children who have tickets on Taranaki or Wakefield streets - in other words avoid driving on Courtenay Place due to the likely congestion.

"If you are going to be collecting people after the show we suggest you park close by and walk to a pre-arranged meeting point," says Ms Coughlan.