Winter Won't Come to Courtenay Place

30 March 2012

The next light box exhibition at Courtenay Place Park will add some greenery to counteract the black and grey shades of a Wellington winter.

Ever Green by Dieneke Jansen and Jenny Gillam explores how plants and nature exist in built-up urban environments.

Eight native trees and shrubs have been photographed from two sides through a frosted glass pane.

Jenny Gillam says the intention is to suggest real plants are growing in the light boxes.

"We made the work with the light boxes in mind, including the physical shape of the boxes and the location," says Gillam.

"Once the photos are installed they'll look like there are plants actually in the boxes. We wanted to remind passers-by of how nature's quite contained in that environment."

Gillam says they want to evoke a heightened sense of time passing for those that walk through the space on a regular basis, especially since a season change will occur while the exhibition is on.

"At the moment, everything's looking quite green. As winter comes and some of the plants around that area lose their leaves, the light box 'plants' should look like they're out of season and living in an almost hot-house environment. We hope the lush green images will offer some respite."

Gillam and Jansen are both university lecturers in photography and visual arts and have exhibited extensively in galleries both here and overseas, including Festival Internazionale Di Roma, Italy and Ocular Lab Gallery, Melbourne.

Gillam says she is excited to be out of the gallery and exhibiting in a public space.

"I think the light boxes are fantastic and a really good way to have art slip into everyday life. It's a great way to get people to engage with art."

Ever Green by Dieneke Jansen and Jenny Gillam, 6 April to 6 August 2012.