What We're Unlikely to Fund

27 March 2012

During deliberations, Councillors identified a number of projects which have not been budgeted for in the draft Long Term Plan due to cost. These will still be listed in the draft Long Term Plan, so if you have a view on these projects, please make a submission.

No budget for improving the Botanic Garden

No budget for improving the Botanic Garden

The Councillor working party will also review project schedules to identify whether any new projects can be funded from future cost savings.

Unfunded projects include:

  • a deep water pool at Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre ($17.1 million)
  • upgrading the Central Library ($8.4 million)
  • improvements at the Botanic Garden ($730,000)
  • bus priority interchange planning ($2.3 million).

This is not a complete list. You will be invited to make submissions on these and other projects when consultation opens on 16 April.

If you would like to be notified when consultation opens, please email us at next10yrs@wcc.govt.nz.