Westchester Drive Going Well

19 March 2012

The new road between Churton Park and Glenside is going well and should be complete by the end of the year.

Work is well under way at Westchester Drive

Work is well under way at Westchester Drive

Construction began a year ago and over the next few months our contractor Fulton Hogan expects to finish the bulk of the earthworks and the two new bridges.

The new road is visible from both ends now and some of the new retaining walls that support the 800-metre-long section of road and bridge supports are already in place.

The new section of Westchester Drive stretches between Lakewood Avenue in Churton Park, where the new supermarket and shopping centre is, and Middleton Road, where one of the new bridges is under construction.

As well as providing road and pedestrian access between the two communities, it will make it quicker and easier for Churton Park residents to get to and from the motorway, easing peak-hour congestion in Johnsonville.

The Council's Infrastructure Director, Stavros Michael, says it was originally anticipated that about 30 to 40 truckloads of earth would be removed from the site every day but instead most of it is being retained and used on an adjoining property.

"This meant we could start work in the middle rather than at one end, didn't have to build a temporary bridge to get earth out and it substantially reduced the number of trucks passing people's homes," he says. 

Work on a new roundabout at Middleton Road, which is being built to handle the additional traffic, has begun and should be finished by July.

Later in the year, we will install new services including power and water, put in the kerbs, footpath and handrails, surface and seal the road, and plant native plants on the recontoured hillsides and stream edges.