'Weather Bomb': You Can Help to Stop Flooding

2 March 2012

Serious flooding can be prevented by the simple neighbourly act of removing rubbish or leaves from roadside drains.

That's the advice from the Wellington City Council - as the MetService warns much of the country to prepare for a 'weather bomb' with heavy rain and severe gales tomorrow (Saturday).

Fred Mecoy, the Council's Emergency Preparedness Manager, says residents can help by checking street drains outside their properties this evening or tomorrow. "If you're in a low-lying or flood-prone area then the simple act of clearing away rubbish or leaves may avert flooding when the forecast heavy rains do arrive."

"There are something like 12,000 roadside drains in Wellington City. My advice is that residents should just take the time to make sure roadside drains near their homes are not covered over by any leaves or debris - or blocked by things like plastic bottles or plastic bags.

"And if residents spot any blockages today or tomorrow and believe they need a hand then they should not hesitate to call the Council - just call us on 499 4444."