Waterfront Site 10 Decision Postponed

22 March 2012

A report on the design and commercial aspects of a building proposed for 'site 10' on Wellington's waterfront is to be delayed until the Environment Court makes its decision on the 'Variation 11' appeals presently before the Court.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says she recommended delaying the report to the Council's Strategy and Policy Committee until after the Court has issued its decision on the appeals relating to Variation 11 - a proposed change to the District Plan that relates to building heights and sizes in the north Kumutoto area of the waterfront.

Site 10, as defined in the Wellington Waterfront Framework, is part of the north Kumutoto area and is currently occupied by the motor-home park opposite the NZ Post building on Waterloo Quay.

The Strategy and Policy Committee was scheduled to debate and make decisions next Tuesday 27 March on the six-floor building and public plaza proposal for the site.

"There was concern from Councillors and members of the public that the committee would consider the building's design and lease conditions before the Court decision on Variation 11," says Mayor Wade-Brown.

"I think it appropriate that we delay these discussions until a decision emerges from the Environment Court."

She says debate on the proposed building "goes to the heart of the issue before the Court - that is, the right level of building development on North Kumutoto".

Mayor Wade-Brown says while the timing of a decision from the Court can't be confirmed, she says the waterfront company has advised that delaying the Council's decision in the short term will not adversely impact  the building proposal.

Once the Variation 11 decision is known, any recommendations on the building proposal will come to the Strategy and Policy Committee and then be decided by the full Council.