Tawa Pool Reopening Delayed for Quake-strengthening

5 March 2012

The reopening of Tawa Pool has been delayed so further earthquake strengthening work can be done on the pool building. This is a mock up introduction to something. Street events and closures

The pool has been closed since early October 2011 for essential five-yearly maintenance work, as well as replacement of the roof, and was due to reopen on 14 April.

Some earthquake strengthening was included as part of this contract, however engineers have identified opportunities to increase the structural strength of the building. The Council is now awaiting the scope of this work.

Julian Todd, the Manager of Recreation Wellington - which runs the City Council's pools and recreation centres - says the Council has taken another look at all of its buildings and structures in light of the Christchurch earthquakes.

"As part of this work we took another look at the pool building - which dates back to the early 1970s - and decided that we should do more work now rather than have to come back again further down the track especially if, as is expected, tougher engineering standards are imposed nationally."

As well as replacing the roof, a vapour barrier and acoustic ceiling have been installed which will make the building warmer, quieter and more energy efficient. Other improvements include replacing window bays, resurfacing floors and improving access to the mezzanine area.

Julian says the pool will be markedly different when it reopens. "It'll be a much lighter, brighter, warmer and more pleasant place for a swim."

The Council apologises to Tawa Pool customers for the delay in reopening. Swim memberships can continue to be used at the other Wellington City Council pools: Keith Spry Pool, Karori Pool, Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre and Freyberg Pool.