Tawa Goes All Out For Neighbours Day

21 March 2012

Tawa will be hosting at least 36 street barbecues this weekend to celebrate Neighbours Day Aotearoa - the national initiative to get as many people as possible to get to know their neighbours.

There are more than 50 private celebrations about to take place in streets, suburbs or apartment buildings around the city, and Wellington City Council is putting on several events this weekend - Island Bay Community Centre is hosting a barbecue on Saturday from 4.00pm - 6.30pm and there'll be a big picnic at Seton Nossiter Park in Newlands on Sunday from 11.00am - 4.00pm. The City Council will also host a get-together for Council housing tenants at Te Papa.

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown will visit as many celebrations as she can citywide.

"I'm thrilled so many Wellingtonians are taking part, and hats-off to Tawa in particular. Their enthusiasm is really impressive," says Mayor Wade-Brown.

"There are numerous advantages to getting to know each other - a feeling of belonging, and being aware of everyone's skills, needs and interests. And in an emergency, you're better prepared to look out for one another - especially those who might need help."

The Council has distributed over 100 registration packs that include tips on what to do for Neighbours Day Aotearoa, as well as information on civil defence and emergency preparedness.

Mayor Wade-Brown says there's still time to put on something for your neighbours.

"Pop in to see us at the Council or your local community centre and grab a registration pack to give you some ideas. Your celebration doesn't have to be huge - just start the door knocking now, introduce yourself and get something going for the weekend.

"Just invite your neighbours round for fish and chips or a cup of tea; it's easy to get to know your neighbours!"

For more information on the national event, email neighbours@wcc.govt.nz, phone the Council on (04) 499 4444 to find out about public events in their area, or visit the website:

Neighbours Day website