Council Earthquake Drill

13 March 2012

If there's a moderate earthquake in Wellington, it could be followed by a tsunami - and those of us in the central city will be at risk.

The Council is getting prepared

The Council is getting prepared

To make sure we're prepared for such an event at the Council, we're holding a practice exercise at our Wakefield Street offices on Friday 23 March. This means our Service Centre and offices will be closed from 2.50pm - 3.30pm. The Central Library will be open for business as usual.

In the event of a tsunami, the advice from Civil Defence is not to leave your building but go up to level two or higher and stay there until the tsunami threat is over. All our staff will take part in this exercise - we'll practise the 'drop cover hold' drill and those who work on the lower floors will move upstairs as if this was a real emergency.

We'll also be taking part in the Pacific-wide exercise 'Operation Shake Out' in September. This will be another opportunity to test our preparedness and we encourage all Wellington businesses to participate.

For information on how you can be prepared go to:

Civil Defence website