Neighbours Day Aotearoa

21 February 2012

There's just a month to go until Neighbours Day Aotearoa - the national initiative to get as many New Zealanders as possible to connect with their neighbours over the weekend of 24 - 25 March.

What's your plan for Neighbour's Day?

What's your plan for Neighbour's Day?

It's about encouraging people to get together and plan their own celebrations in every street, neighbourhood or apartment building. What have you got planned? If you're after inspiration, Aro Valley has already planned an exciting celebration.

The annual and much-loved Aro Valley Fair is scheduled over that weekend - and it's a guaranteed crowd gatherer.

Linda Beatson, the Community Centre Coordinator, says she intends to use Neighbours Day as a way to expand community development initiatives that are already under way - particularly to do with community gardens.

"We've got a team of 'eco-warriors' from the local school working in several gardens around the suburb. Growing their own vegetables helps our residents to be more self-sufficient, encourages people to work together, and ultimately to get to know one another. We're really excited about Neighbours Day - it's going to make an already well-connected neighbourhood even stronger," says Linda.

Registration packs are available from Thursday 1 March from our Service Centre on Wakefield Street or our community centres. So, get planning, register to tell us what you're doing, and we'll help to publicise your event.

For more information on Neighbours Day Aotearoa, visit:

Neighbours Day Aotearoa website

Or, if you want Wellington information, phone the Resilience Team on (04) 499 4444 or email: