Lloyd Morrison a 'Passionate, Forthright Wellingtonian' - Mayor Wade-Brown

12 February 2012

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown has expressed her sadness at the passing of Lloyd Morrison.

Mayor Wade-Brown said Mr Morrison, who died of leukaemia aged 54 this morning, was a passionate Wellingtonian and made valued contribution to the public good of the city.

"Lloyd was a really warm and intelligent Wellingtonian. I found him always willing to explore ideas," said Mayor Wade-Brown. "He was passionate about the good of the city and forthright about his views.

"He didn't wait for public opinion but led from the front in expressing his vision, for issues such as the New Zealand flag and for world-beating architecture like Wellington Airport's The Rock terminal.

"Lloyd fitted more into his sadly short life than most people and made a valuable contribution to Wellington.

"His life must be celebrated. He showed that you can have a really positive family life, be a very successful business person and make a difference for the public good of the city. Many people are recognised in one of these spheres but Lloyd was a true all-rounder."