Dog-friendly Maupuia Walkway

30 January 2012

Now's the time to get out and enjoy our walkways, and dog owners will be pleased to know they can take their favourite companion off-leash on the Maupuia Walkway.

Dogs can run off-leash on Maupuia Walkway

Dogs can run off-leash on Maupuia Walkway

Start at Akaroa Drive, where parking is provided, and take in the peaceful native bush setting and sea views. Continue along Maupuia Heights until you reach Prison Road. Here, you can also take a connecting path down the hill to Shelly Bay.

The walkway is a little under a kilometre long so a return journey takes around 40 minutes. The route is gentle and the path is wide. Our open spaces are prized for their natural beauty, so we'd appreciate it if you could help us maintain them by leaving the walkways the way you found them.

Although the landscape appears timeless, the Miramar Peninsula was once an island, until an earthquake altered Wellington's coastline in the fifteenth century.

 Maupuia Walkway is one of a number of dog exercise areas in Wellington. Walks and other activities for dogs will be featured in our new e-newsletter for dog owners - which we will launch soon. It will have information about dog registration, how to care for your dog and events and activities.

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