Residents: You Can Help Prevent Flooding

30 December 2011

Persistent rain is causing surface flooding in some low-lying parts of Wellington today - and the City Council is asking residents to grab a rake or garden fork to help clear street drains to allow water to drain away.

The Council's CitiOperations Manager, Mike Mendonca, says high tides and heavy rain this morning has caused water to pond in streets in flat and low-lying suburbs like Seatoun and Miramar.

Surface flooding is also reported in Karori and along the old Hutt Road.

Council crews have been busy clearing drains around the city this morning - but Mr Mendonca says if residents are worried about water levels rising then they can lend a hand by clearing blocked roadside drains.

"If water's ponding then it might be as simple as just to run a rake over the drainage sump grate to clear away any rubbish or foliage to get the water flowing away."

Mr Mendonca says many roadside pohutukawa trees around the city are starting to shed their flowers - and some residents are reporting they are building up around many drains.

The problem may be exacerbated if today's expected southerly change causes more debris to come down.

He stresses that residents should not put themselves at any risk if they want to help out. "If the situation is looking a bit risky - especially with passing traffic - then just give the Council a call on (04) 499 4444."