Help Plan Wellington's Future

12 December 2011

Maintaining our infrastructure, keeping rates affordable and supporting sustainable growth are some of the issues that have been mentioned as priorities for the city over the next 10 years.

Julia Wild and Marama Pipepe discuss their priorities for the city's future

Julia Wild and Marama Pipepe discuss their priorities for the city's future

"I think we should be continuing to invest in roads and footpaths and other infrastructure like water. I use the library service rather than visiting bookshops so I'd like to see the Council continuing to buy new books," says Ross Jones.

"Rates also need to be controlled."

Sustainable growth and continuing to fund services such as libraries were important to Julia Wild and Marama Pipepe.

"There need to be places in the city where you can hang out when it's raining or windy," adds Julia, on a grey Wellington day.

They both agree that affordable public transport should also be a priority. The Council is asking communities to help plan the next 10 years by joining online discussion forums to talk about our future.

The forums are an opportunity for residents to share what they think the Council's priorities should be over the next decade.

The forums will help us make decisions on our Long Term Plan, which will set out what we will do over the next 10 years.

Like many households, the Council is operating in a difficult economic environment and we want to keep rates affordable. As the cost of providing existing services is rising, people are being asked to share their views on how to reduce costs or focus less on some services. Keeping rates low was important to Lindsay Linney.

"The Council shouldn't make it expensive for older people to live here," says Lindsay.

He thought that costs could be kept down for water meter owners by allowing them to do their own readings and report these to the Council.

Pat Linney wants to see the Town Belt preserved and Wellington kept as a low-rise city. She also wants residents to have more input into Council decisions.

"Protecting the Town Belt is important and I would not want to see more high-rise buildings in Wellington - I like the fact that we look different to big cities," says Pat.

Two issues that have already been mentioned as priorities by Wellingtonians at recent forums and through surveys are transport and improving the city's earthquake resilience.

To join the online discussion forums and have your say on our city's future, see:

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