Get Active at the ASB Sports Centre

1 November 2011

Party your way to fitness before Christmas with Latin-infused Zumba or take on your opponent in full contact kickboxing. The ASB Sports Centre in Kilbirnie now offers casual bookings as well as the existing eight-week courses for all their lifestyle fitness sessions.

For sheer exhilaration and fun choose between Zumba toning classes or the calorie-burning blast of interval training sessions. Pilates is a more controlled form of exercise that engages the mind as well as the body, helping to reduce stress and improve posture.

Muay Thai kickboxing is a combat sport with a focus on body conditioning. It incorporates the use of punches, kicks, knees and elbow strikes - with boxing gloves and handwraps for protection - and is an effective way to stay in shape.

All lifestyle fitness sessions are taken by qualified instructors.

For more information on these lifestyle courses, see:

ASB Sports Centre - Lifestyle Courses

The ASB Sports Centre also offers 'taster' sessions for schools which give students the chance to try their hand at different sports and activities. Funding is also now available to help with schools' travel costs across town. These sessions can be run with or without the help of a coach.

Councillor John Morrison, the Council's Portfolio Leader for Sports and Events, says that with the centre having only recently opened earlier this year, the Council wants to encourage schools to use the facilities as much as possible.

"There are opportunities for students of all abilities to sample different sports, enabling them to develop skills and build confidence as part of a healthy and active lifestyle," says Cr Morrison.

"It's also important that this outstanding indoor sports facility can be easily accessed by everyone in Wellington to benefit the city as a whole."

For more information on opportunities for schools, see:

ASB Sports Centre - School Programmes

For bookings, phone Wellington City Council on (04) 499 4444.

For more information including the best way of getting to the centre by bus or car, cycling or on foot, visit:

ASB Sports Centre - Overview