Bags of Green Waste Compost

17 October 2011

Compost and other soil products made from the city's green waste are now available in 15- to 40-litre bags as well as by the trailer load.

Capital Compost's garden mix

Capital Compost's garden mix

So if you're getting stuck into the garden or spring cleaning and planning a trip to the Southern Landfill this weekend, pick up some organic weed-free compost while you're there. Capital Compost sells a wide range of soil products, including garden and veggie mix, bark mulch and lawn mix. You can have your trailer loaded  Monday to Friday or we sell it in bags seven days a week from our landfill recycling shop Second Treasures.

The Council's CitiOperations Manager, Mike Mendonca, says illegal dumping of household garden waste spreads noxious weeds, which is why we always encourage people to compost it at home or bring it to  the landfill so we can compost it for you. 

Capital Compost processes about 6,000 tonnes of green waste each year, along with the increasing amounts of food waste from Wellington restaurants and other food premises being collected as part of the 'Kai to Compost' scheme.

Our compost is batch-tested to the New Zealand Compost, Soil Conditioners and Mulches Standard which ensures you are receiving a consistent high-quality, weed-free, organic compost.

For more information on compost, call 0508 TO GROW or visit:

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