Treacherous Driving Conditions in Wellington

16 August 2011

Motorists in Wellington - especially in the higher hill suburbs - should think twice before getting in their cars and trying to drive this morning.

Reports are already coming in about motorists crashing due to the icy conditions.

That's according to Wellington City Civil Defence Controller Mike Mendonca - who says the fact temperatures are still around
0 degrees Celsius means there's a high likelihood of black ice forming on roads.

"Commuters should avoid getting in their cars and heading down steep roads if at all possible. There's a high chance you could come a cropper."

Mr Mendonca adds that pedestrians should also take care while walking in the higher suburbs. In some parts there's still a lot of snow about and it could be turning to ice - so take it easy."

Many cars were abandoned by motorists on some of the higher and steeper streets last night as they were unable to get traction in the snow. "If you had trouble getting traction last night then the same rules may still apply this morning,"

Mr Mendonca says driving conditions in suburbs like Karori, Brooklyn, Khandallah and Broadmeadows are treacherous - and there have already been reports of crashes. "We've been told a motorcyclist crashed on the Kelburn Viaduct in the past half hour due to icy conditions."